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Frequently Asked Questions.

  • When was the last time you considered leasing, instead of buying the equipment you need for your business? Chances are that leasing equipment hasn't been on the top of your list of options. The reason may be due to some popular misconceptions about this potent source of capital. We will answer some questions many people have - and dispel some of the myths about leasing.

  • Isn't leasing just for major businesses and industries? Not at all. In fact, over 80% of American corporations - large and small - lease equipment they need.

  • Is leasing really different than renting? There is a definite difference between leasing and renting equipment. A rental is an arrangement whereby the lessors make equipment available to you on a short-term basis to meet temporary needs, emergency conditions and peak load periods. Leasing furnishes you equipment of your specifications - for your use exclusively on a full time, year round basis. Also, the equipment comes from the supplier of your choice.

  • Isn't leasing the expensive way to get equipment? No. Cash conservation is what leasing is all about. Leasing allows you to use available capital to generate profits instead of tying it up in equipment. At first glance, leasing may appear more expensive. However, after considering tax advantages, flexibility, and other factors shown in cash flow projections, leasing usually turns out to be the least expensive means of financing.

  • Is leasing more complicated than buying? No. It doesn't involve any more paperwork for you than any other form of financing. What's more, you can lease just about anything you need. Most firms that lease equipment discover that they're benefiting from keeping their money in motion instead of tying it up in capital investments.

  • You hear a lot about leasing in real estate and automobiles, but what about other types of equipment? The fact is that if you can buy it, you can lease it. Virtually any type of equipment, new or used, can be leased - office furniture, manufacturing, computers, software, audio/video, photographic, printing, medical, dental, construction and much more.

  • I want to own the equipment at the end of the lease and not have to return it or have to haggle over a buyout? Your lease will be structured with either a 10% purchase option (10% of the original equipment cost) or a $1.00 purchase option. This is agreed to at the beginning of the lease and is documented so there is never a question about where the equipment will be at the end of the lease.

  • I am in a hurry for the equipment and do not have time to fill out a pile of paperwork and dig up my old tax returns and financial statements. Leasing is a very quick process and generally only needs a one page application completed and takes about 1 to 2 working days to be processed. There are no tax returns or financial statements that are mandatory or a bank committee that meets once a week. All of the lease documents are faxable or can be emailed so the entire process can be completed in less than a weeks period of time.